Not All is Magic in Disney's Kingdom

The Harbor Boulevard Merchants Coalition Says NO to Disney

We are a diverse mix of Anaheim residents and family­-owned businesses, including hotels, restaurants and other shops. Businesses in this Anaheim neighborhood employ over 8500 local citizens. Disneyland's Massive Gateway Project will have wide-ranging and long-lasting detrimental effects on our entire community, and we are banding together to Say NO to Disney's project as currently proposed.



Disney executives have stated the purpose of moving the security facility away from the resort is to protect park visitors from attack. It’s troubling that Disney is proposing moving this facility to benefit their customers at the expense of and the potential endangerment of others in the neighborhood. There has been insufficient study and public discussion as to the safety and reasonableness of housing a large security screening gateway directly behind the business on Harbor Boulevard and within feet of hotel rooms and thousands of guests.



Communities are defined by their open public areas and streetscapes. Sound planning principals serve to create vibrant communities that work for everyone: visitors, residents and businesses alike. There has been no discussion or consideration of Disney’s long-range plans for the area being cleared by the relocation of the transit and security facilities. Asking a community to approve a project without fully understanding all of its potential impacts (now and in the future) is inappropriate. Continued pedestrian access from Harbor Boulevard is essential to the economic well-being of the entire neighborhood.


The project as currently proposed promotes unfair competition. On any given night of the year you will find over 10,000 guest staying in hotels in the neighborhood with thousands more dining in the restaurants and shops. In fact, on this block alone these businesses employ over 8,500 local citizens! All of which are endangered by the city's lack of planning enforcement and Disney’s relentless drive for more at the expense of its neighbors and the community as a whole. This project will choke off neighborhood businesses located on Harbor Boulevard and indeed the entire block. Read more about how these businesses will be affected by the Disney expansion.



The pedestrian bridge must allow for community access from Harbor Boulevard. The city has an obligation to provide access for the entire community. The design as currently proposed serves to isolate a large portion of the community and its visitors. This project spans the public right-of-way, as such it should serve the public and work to bring the community together not isolate it from one another. The use of public property to solely benefit a private concern is troubling. Learn more about how Disney's proposed expansion will limit public access for Harbor Boulevard patrons.


The proposed pedestrian bridge design is out-of-scale and out-of character with the neighboring properties and the community as a whole. It’s clear that the aesthetics of the proposed bridge as viewed from the street are a secondary concern to Disney. The appearance of the bridge will have great importance as it will serve as an entrance to the "resort district" and become a signature image of the city of Anaheim. In a community with such exciting examples of public design as the Artic Station and the Convention Center, why is the community subsidizing such a poorly designed bridge?

Let's Work Together for the Good of the Community

The proposed bridge is a gateway to the community and an opportunity to create a project emblematic of the vibrant energy of the City of Anaheim as a whole, a project that represents an appropriate use of public property and funds for the good of the community and not just Disney. Many of our family-owned businesses date back to the 1950’s and were pioneers along with Disney in making Anaheim what it is today. We want to be part of the discussion on the growth and future of Anaheim.

We look forward to working with the City of Anaheim and Disney to create a project of which we can all be proud.